PLAYERS | Martin Lang


Panther 417

67 matches [2002-2004]

0 points


Queensland born front row forward, who was the son of former Kangaroo hooker John Lang. He made his first grade debut at Cronulla in 1996, under his father who was Sharks coach at the time.

After six seasons at Cronulla, the Queensland State of Origin representative signed with the Panthers during the 2001 season for 2002. At season’s end, coach Royce Simmons was sacked, with John recruited as coach, and joining his son at the Panthers.

Known for his hard running style at the defensive line, he provided much needed experience and starch to a young and promising forward pack, playing 23 matches in his first season. He had suffered a severe concussion earlier that season, with calls for his retirement or a change in his running style.

He had a late start to the 2003 season, playing his first match in late May, but would play 18 matches including the victorious grand final against the Sydney Roosters.

2004 would be his third and last season at the Panthers, announcing his retirement at seasons end. He played all 26 matches that season, with his final match being the preliminary final loss to the Bulldogs.


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