COACHES | Len Stacker

66 matches [1979-1981]

16 wins, 47 losses, 3 draws


Former Parramatta goal-kicking winger who later had success as reserve grade coach at that club.

Stacker was recruited by Penrith on the recommendation of then Parramatta coach Terry Fearnley.

Like his predecessor in Don Parish, he had a young team that was willing, but was also hampered by budgetary constraints which limited recruitment.

Despite promises to the contrary, he did not stay on for a fourth season in 1982 and was replaced by John Peard.

He spent one year at Wests in 1983, before returning to Penrith first as a reserve grade coach in the late 1980s, and then being an assistant to Royce Simmons during his stint at the helm (1994-2001).


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