PLAYERS | Craig Trindall


Panther 459

3 matches [2006]

1 point [1 field goal]


Colyton junior who starred in the Under 19s Panthers Super League premiership winning team in 1997 before having lower grade stints at Parramatta and South Sydney before playing for the Windsor Wolves in the Jim Beam Cup.

It was from there he made a return to the Panthers in 2006, playing halfback for the St. Mary’s-Penrith Cougars in the Premier League before earning a long awaited NRL debut at the age of 27, as the starting halfback. He potted a second half field goal as the Panthers recorded a 17-6 victory over the Cowboys at CUA Stadium. He later returned for the final two premiership matches as the starting halfback.

In early 2007, he was charged with assault of his partner but remained at the club, although he played the entire season the Premier League for the Panthers.

In 2008, he signed with the Bulldogs but was not able to crack into the first grade and would return to Windsor, being part of their Jim Beam Cup (third tier) premiership winning team. He would remain at the Wolves for a number of seasons, playing Premier League when they were the Panthers feeder team (as a non NRL contracted player) and in 2012 was named in the Windsor Team of the Century.


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