WINS | [2017] Round 23: Penrith 24 North Queensland 16

Saturday 12th August at Pepper Stadium

Penrith 24: Tries: Cleary (2), Mansour (1), Tamou (1); Goals: Cleary (4) | North Queensland 16


The Cowboys scored the opening try to hold a 4-0 lead.

Penrith posted their first try midway through the first half when Josh Mansour’s angled run found the gap, finishing it off with a small swan dive under the uprights, with Nathan Cleary’s extras making it 6-4.

But another try to the visitors soon after saw North Queensland hold a 10-6 lead at half time, and soon became a 16-6 lead after the restart of play.

Minutes later though the Panthers struck back when a Tyrone Peachey chip kick from 10 metres out was grounded by Cleary, and his conversion reducing the Cowboy’s lead to 4.

Cleary soon after became a try saver, when he managed to stop a certain opportunity for the Cowboys to stretch their lead.

When James Tamou barged over minutes later the Panthers had locked it up at 16-apiece, and Cleary’s conversion had the Panthers in the lead.

The lead was pushed further ahead when Cleary’s support play once again paid off when he followed up on a Tyrone May line break and scored under the uprights, with his fourth conversion seeing him score half of the Panthers 24 points.


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