PLAYERS | Sione Katoa


Panther 552

47 matches [2015; 2017-2019]

0 points


New Zealand born Glenmore Park junior who played Under 20s for the Panthers in 2014 before moving up to the NSW Cup squad in 2015.

He was appointed NSW Cup captain throughout the season and made his NRL debut in the final premiership round of the 2015 season, coming off the bench.

Katoa was not able to crack into the NRL squad during 2016, however finally he made his second appearance early in the 2017 season. The following round, he made his first starting appearance at hooker. He would make 12 appearances that season, primarily coming off the bench.

By 2018, he had established himself as a part of the regular NRL squad, and with the mid-season retirement of Peter Wallace he became the number 1 hooker and started earning more starts, with a total of 20 appearances in 2018.

His 14 appearances in 2019 were punctuated by a lengthy stint in the middle of the season in the Canterbury Cup after falling out of favour and hence going down the pecking order of preferred hookers.

Although he had fought back to into the NRL squad in the last month his contract was not renewed and signed with Canterbury for the 2020 season however was released at the end of 2021. In 2022, he played for the Southport Tigers in the Gold Coast competition

Last updated 22 November 2022

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