WINS | [1989] Round 9: Penrith 31 Gold Coast-Tweed Giants 8

Sunday 14th May at Seagulls Stadium

Penrith 31: Alexander (1), Bentley (1), Bradley (1), Smith (1), Walker (1); Goals: Stead (5); Field goals: Alexander (1) | Gold Coast-Tweed Giants 8


Two converted tries inside the first eight minutes to Graeme Bradley and Paul Smith gave the visitors a 12-0 lead.

The Giants chipped away at the deficit with back to back penalty conversions to trail 12-4, and whilst it was countered by a penalty conversion to Shayne Stead, the Gold Coast would narrow it to 14-8 with an unconverted try after 23 minutes, and would remain the half time score.

13 minutes after the restart, replacement forward Barry Walker strolled over to make it 20-8, and soon became 26-8 with a Col Bentley converted try.

A 64th minute field goal to Greg Alexander made it a four converted try margin before Alexander finished off the scoring with a try with only three minutes remaining.


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