PLAYERS | Dennis Tutty


Panther 73

46 matches [1972-1974]

24 points [8 tries]


Forward who had debuted at Balmain in 1964 before later being the central player in one of rugby league’s most significant legal cases. Seeking to leave the Tigers at the end of the 1968 season and transfer to the Panthers, Balmain refused the request and instead he chose to sit out the 1969 and 1970 seasons. Whilst he returned to Balmain in 1971 (without pay), Tutty won his case in court, deeming the refusal of request of transfer to be an unreasonable restraint of trade. At the end of 1971, he was finally released from Balmain and joined Penrith in 1972.

Whilst he would play in the opening match of the 1972 season (in the second row), injury would restrict him to just five matches that season.

However, he would make up for it by missing only three matches over the next two seasons, providing an experienced head in the forward pack. His supreme fitness (courtesy of his background as a rower) provided him with great stamina, with high work rate and always backing up in support.

He would leave at the end of 1974, joining Eastern Suburbs and where injury cruelly robbed him of a chance of a premiership before returning once again to Balmain to play one final season in 1976 before retirement.

Post career, Tutty entered the coaching profession, both as a head coach and also as an assistant.


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