PLAYERS | Steve Waddell


Panther 278

50 matches [1988-1991; 1995-1997]

0 points 


Lithgow junior who made his first grade debut for the Panthers in 1988, coming off the bench against St. George. He would make 17 appearances over the next four seasons before leaving Penrith at the end of 1991 to go to the Illawarra Steelers.

After three seasons at the Steelers (including winning the player of the year award in 1992), he came back to Penrith in 1995.

He would be a more regular contributor to the Panthers forward pack in his second stint, making 16 appearances in 1995 and a further 13 in 1996, most of them in the front row. However, he would be restricted to just 3 appearances in 1997 and would leave the Panthers at season’s end.

Tragically, he passed away in 2012 aged just 45.

His son Corey, himself a forward, was in the 2018 NRL squad but has yet made his debut.


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