PLAYERS | Mike Stephenson


Panther 107

69 matches [1974-1978]

63 points [21 tries]


World Cup winning hooker for Great Britain who had debuted at English club Dewsbury in 1966 and was signed by Penrith on a then record transfer fee for the 1974 season.

Seen as a natural leader, he was appointed as club captain for 1974, playing 16 matches. A skilful and cunning hooker, he made the Panthers more competitive on the field. Off the field, he was the consummate professional who trained hard.

In 1975, he was made captain-coach but would give up the role after only 6 matches. He would continue to provide leadership to a Penrith team that were committed yet battling to be competitive throughout the 1970s.

Recurring injuries would force his retirement mid-way through the 1978 season. After finishing at Penrith, he settled in Australia and later entered the media – firstly in Australia and later in England.


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