COACHES | Ron Willey

47 matches [1988-1989]

31 wins, 16 losses


A veteran coach with nearly 20 seasons experience, including a stint with New South Wales in the mid 1980s, when he was appointed by the Panthers.

He added on to the work created by Tim Sheens by adding a tougher and competitive edge.

In 1988, the Panthers were entrenched in the top 5 for the majority of the season, however, a few late season losses had them in the fifth place playoff, which they lost.

In 1989, they finished second on the ladder but consecutive losses in the finals saw them eliminated.

His tenure, though, seemed to be dogged with claims of having outdated coaching tactics and also mystifying team selections.

He would be replaced by former Penrith captain Phil Gould for 1990.

It would be his last coaching position, and entering into retirement. He passed away in 2004 aged 75.

Willey still has the distinction of having the highest winning percentage for any of the coaches in the club’s history.


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