COACHES | Bob Boland

113 matches [1968-1973]

40 wins, 70 losses, 3 draws


Signed on captain-coach from Balmain for the 1968 season after inaugural coach Leo Trevena stood down.

Boland struck on immediate success, winning the 1968 Wills Cup pre-season competition.

His playing style was tough and uncompromising, and he instilled a similar training regime, one in which he led by example.

Recurring leg injuries forced him into retiring as a player in 1970, but stayed on as coach.

Increasingly poor results, including only 5 wins in 1972 saw Boland sacked during the 1973 Wills Cup pre-season tournament, with his predecessor Trevena returning in a caretakers capacity.

Last updated 18 April 2020


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