PLAYERS | Ron Workman


Panther 13

94 matches [1967-1973]

17 points [5 tries, 1 field goal]


Vietnam war veteran who was still an active member of the Air Force when he signed with Penrith soon after their promotion from the second division in 1966.

He would play at hooker in the club’s first ever match in the then first division against Canterbury in 1967.

Workman would be a regular member of the Panthers in their formative years in the forward pack, playing in their first six seasons and leaving Penrith at the end of 1973.

He would head up to North Queensland, being captain-coach against the touring Great Britain team in 1974 before returning to Penrith in 1975 to be club secretary, before moving on at the end of 1978 and venturing into a range of other careers in administration.


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